How to Reprogram the Conscious and Subconscious for Higher Realignment in the Cosmos and in Your Life + Updates & New Ascension Tools in our New Release!! Surrendering & Letting go of Stuck Energy with Scorpio Moon & Pluto in Retrograde next 6 Months

Time to create your brand-new self … ask the moon what do I need to let go of? When you embrace the energy of Scorpio and are not afraid to explore the depths of your consciousness and subconscious, the Scorpio energy provides karmic transmutation. Masters of death and rebirth, the scorpion energy is always transforming and represents the power that it takes to do so. It is about recognizing those hindering emotions and addictive patterns and parts about yourself that you might not like and letting all that emotional blockage go. It is about understanding your worthiness and realizing what might be holding you back from truly manifesting the life you want. Ask yourself…. what internal wounds are creating this? What rituals can I start to integrate into my daily life to help you create this worthiness and understand this shift every day? Allow yourself the space to create growth and abundance in your life by healing and ridding your mind of whatever it is that is holding you up in your journey towards your highest self. Spending more grounding time in nature and allowing yourself to have fun and genuinely enjoy every moment of whatever it is you are doing, even if it is not ideal, will allow space in your inner self to start to integrate the higher awareness and deep thought processes. Start to do these things and truly manage your thoughts and you will start to instantly attract higher vibrational situations and opportunities of prosperity. If we only really understood just how powerful our thoughts are, we would mind them a lot more and be a lot more aware of where and how we direct our energy. So here we go…  

               In yoga, to clear the third eye, after working with other centers first, you focus your attention on one steady object and repeatedly open and close your eyes while breathing. After 15—20 breaths, you begin to see that steady object even with your eyes closed. Then after practicing and throughout the day you will continue to see that same image of that object and have a sense of calmness and peace that you experienced from your practice because this is what you have embedded into your conscious and subconscious. This is a way you can bridge the gap between the two sides of the brain and begin to increase the connection between the two spheres. This is an example of just how easy it is to program our conscious and subconscious and therefore our thoughts. When we start to reprogram our mind, then we can start to change our experience and always be in line with our higher self by simply subconsciously starting to make good decisions and thoughts, and then eventually becoming more consciously aware and then consciously changing and elevating our life experience and soul journey through good decisions and elevated thoughts. This also shows how powerful our minds are and how easily we can use our thoughts to instantly manifest. The moment a thought fully enters our consciousness, it is recorded in the cosmos and whatever energy is related to that thought and moment, is the energy’s reaction and comes back to us in action in our current reality.

               Therefore, our thoughts and words are so important to manage because they literally come back to us. One practice you can do to make sure are always manifesting good in your life and and breaking karmic cycles is the moment you start to notice a negative thought begin to enter your consciousness, shift it instantly to something else, something positive. This way the negative thought does not complete and therefore does not enter the cosmos, you are constantly sending positive thoughts into the universe. This is a powerful practice I have been subconsciously using since I was a kid and how I have been able to manifest my dream life thus far despite whatever life and karma threw at me. This is a powerful technique that will instantly change your life the moment you begin to implement it into it. Also, the more we increase the connection between the two sides of our brain through meditations and subconscious activation, the easier this practice becomes, and you will begin to realize that no negative thoughts even really enter your brain anymore. However, there is always an element of polarity to life so sometimes it is ok to let these negative thoughts pass in certain situations as they will come up, but just be mindful of it and do not stay in such a state.

               With this all being said, we have been studying and working on our energy certifications. We now have our reiki and crystal energy healing services, as well as an akashic record reading and holistic interior design services based on feng shui and environmental design concepts available for booking on our website linked here. You can purchase these services there and then we will send you an email to schedule a time that works best for us all to further connect. We are also getting certified in past life regression therapy so we will have those services up soon. I am doing a past life regression therapy session with a girl who received her certificate under the same teacher I am learning from and we seem have a deep universal connection, and so I can see what the experience is like, without me hypnotizing myself lol. We will be recording this session and will be posting it on our YouTube channels. This is her channel linked here and her style of meditations will really send you into a hypnotic state. I recently had a regression where I had a vivid vision and memory of being a jaguar in the Andes mountains. There were tons of meaningful messages for me within the vision and conversating with Amanda about the experience after helped me connect the dots that I was in fact in the Andes mountains in Peru. There were many deep and incredible revelations that came about from the experience and the new and higher awareness of seeing your life as a jaguar in the wilderness with a bunch of cubs would bring continues to set in. This deeper level of thought from past and in-between lives also helps increase the connection between the two sides of the brain and helps activate the subconscious. As always, will keep you updated on the past life regression therapy session and make sure to check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel linked here so you can see the video when we post it and stay up to date with all the spiritual goodness and knowledge we share there too. And last but not least, we are so excited to finally share our new collection with the world!! We have officially released over 200 new products linked here, including new headpieces, the infamous amethyst floor lamp and newly designed crystal phone cases!! In celebration of these new releases, we are giving away these beautiful rose quartz dandelion galaxy pendant sterling silver plated 18” necklaces linked here for free! Just cover the shipping, please follow us on Instagram and YouTube and we are happy to share the good energy!!

               Stay well and grounded during this Pluto in Scorpio retrograde time, it is a very powerful one when you know how to harness the transformative energy. Always be kind to yourself and then you can truly be kind to others. And make sure to get outdoors! Maybe even plant a plant or two, I promise you won’t regret it 😊