Direct Messages from the Mashiach

               I’ve just started working with the 72 names of God these past couple of weeks after a couple of months of some intense research and have already made some profound discoveries. I’ve also been using a calligraphy set to write them out so 1.) I can truly learn the symbols and 2.) I can focus on the code I need for the time being and create the seal myself. A calligraphy set is something I’ve always wanted, and to try, and the first time I used it, it was oddly satisfying, and I was oddly good at it. It was like my hand knew the strokes and have done this practice before, my soul was happy.

               The meditations with these codes are incredibly powerful. They activate your light DNA and have the power to bring you to the Christ consciousness. In my previous writings, I spoke about how hard it has been to find information on these codes, as it’s a very esoteric practice that the rabbis have kept basically a secret all this time until just recently, for historic reasons they say.

               These codes have the power to free spirits and bring souls back to their embryotic state. They encompass your souls’ purpose and the reason why your soul has been granted the gift of being brought back to this planet. Also, they bring you direct messages by opening your subconscious and connecting you to the Christ Consciousness. They have the power to cure infertility and bring abundance, and basically anything you want or need out of life, there is a code for that. Lately, it seems as if a lot of people are almost empty inside, we are all searching for something. However, what we must realize is we already have everything inside of us, we just choose to activate it or not.

               I go into meditation for attracting abundance, linked here, for a couple of friends, and the whole world, because they need it right now. It is a wonderful and powerful session as I reach a Christ consciousness almost instantly when we start the meditation. As I’m left with the Mashiach, I ask him how the world has gotten to this point? There was an instant response of “greed” which then led to jealousy.

               The Gods are angry right now, there are so many people deeply hurting because of these past centuries’ history of greed and jealousy of one another. The dark energies have been able to manipulate the systems in order to maintain power, but now too many lightworker souls are hurting too deeply, and we all need to raise our consciousness in order to defeat the dark matter. If we all started to meditate, live off our own land, and focus on promoting love and gratitude, we could then raise the collective consciousness. This is what the God’s want and are waiting for, and we will continue to suffer until we choose to do so. The people are filled with so much anger and hatred right now because of this greed, and it is kind of scary most are even completely unaware of it. This is the thing about dark matter and energy, it will continue to suck the life out of you until you decide to turn on the light. For examples, yesterday I was doing some meditations when I noticed these ants attacking a caterpillar. I realize the caterpillar is still alive but is getting attacked by these ants, so I take a stick and start trying to get the ants off. However, they did not want to stop sucking the life out of the caterpillar! I would shake them off but then they came running back until I finally killed them. This simple situation mimics the spiritual world and what has been going on for centuries. These evil, reptilian forces have been sucking the life out of the walking angels, and now the Gods are asking us all to continue to raise our consciousness. Once you decide to raise your consciousness and choose the light, the dark energy and matter literally goes running, I’ve experienced this firsthand a couple of times in NYC. Also, I think it is safe to say that these life sucking ants I saw were in fact evil souls because one of the main laws of karma is when you die in a state of ignorance and evil, you come back as a pest in the animal kingdom. This law serves the universe by creating a state where people have absolutely no issue killing you.  

               I guess this calling to raise the collective consciousness is the reason why light workers are being united all over the world and being called to further harness their innate healing powers. Many people around the world and in the spiritual community have been asking and feeling like the Mashiach is coming and that there will be a huge, earth changing event at the end of this year. There is no doubt there are energy upgrades going on worldwide and our light DNA strands that have been deactivated by these evil forces are now getting reactivated. Let’s keep doing our shadow work, removing our egos, and choosing to love and give gratitude so we can keep raising the collective’s consciousness. I am proud of all of you who are choosing this path of opening your mind and heart, as this is our only way to salvation.