Direct Messages from Gaia and Energy Updates

      I’ve recently moved into a beautiful and basically brand-new home on a one-acre property that’s absolutely magical. There’s a couple of barred owls that live on the property and I made friends with the largest one, male, the second day while doing yoga. He came and was watching me in camouflage until he shook, and I saw these beautiful feathers coming down from the trees. I look up and I see this gorgeous and immensely wise creature staring right at me. It was as if was offering me his feathers as some sort of peace offering and he seemed to be happy that I was there. I see him almost every day now and have even met his lady. 😊 This is his land and he protects it and will protect us too.

           I’ve still been doing my meditations and I can and feel my brain and subconscious literally expanding through these meditations while my body and spirit is healing through nature, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this path and circle Gaia, and God, has put on the map for me. People have been reaching out and asking who or what is God and God is a state of consciousness. We all have a God within us. Humans went wrong by being deceived that only figures like Jesus had God like powers, when in fact we all do. I've been living a completely sober life and have absolutely no desire to consume any kind of toxins, which might be a little shocking to some who know me as the life of the party girl LOL. 

           When I did full turnkey projects for special clients in NYC, I would always bless their home with a white sage cleanse and fresh intentions. I do this for myself when I move into a new space because energies are so powerful and are everywhere, yet hardly anyone pays attention to these things. They can literally overtake your body and cripple you in ways you have no idea wtf is going on. I know my spirit and soul appreciates this practice and my clients do too.

          So naturally I blessed and cleansed this new home and felt mostly good energy and lingering spirits, however there is a shed on the property that has some strong and bad energy. The moment I walked into it, the sage started flaring up and I felt the heaviness. I made sure to take the time to note this and told the spirits we are here to help them.

               I set a bag of black tourmaline, and a big mirror in the window that I felt the energy from, something that I know from my Asian upbringing is the bad spirits see themselves in the mirror so then they can no longer enter the room, before I went to sleep. As we settled down and I start to fall asleep, in a half conscious like state, of course I start to see them and even heard a lot of movement. I also felt some energies come and embody me, however I made sure to show them who I was and focused on the strength of the light ones, so overall it was not bothersome. However, right before I go to sleep, I hear a big bang on the window I put the black tourmaline and mirror on… of course lol. Ultimately, I just know I’m protected and was embodied with the light and power of my guides so for some reason I wasn’t even scared. You see this is the thing about energies and spirits…when we are in a subconscious state, this is our true matter and energy and infinite way of communication. When you are exposed to spirits in the subconscious state, you absorb that energy, and vice versa. This is a universal law. Just think about when you spend the night at someone’s house and you see them in the morning and it’s like a whole new vision or version of them, because you saw them in their pure- energy form. You also become closer because you have now absorbed a little piece of their energy. This is why you have to be careful, aware and cleansed, so unwanted spirits and energy does not enter you.

               So when I woke up this morning I go to draw the curtains and the bag of black tourmaline is knocked off the fcking window sill. Excuse my language but this is unbelievable, this must have been part of the bang on the window I heard last night as I fell asleep. The crystals and mirror acted as my protection and absorbed that negative energy. Crystals are a weapon in the spiritual realm. It was weird because looking back I could almost see and feel my crystals transmuting the negative energy into positive as I was falling asleep.

           The next morning, I decided to take the bag and spread a protective circle of black tourmaline pieces around the house. It starts to rain very lightly and gently right after I make the protective circle around my new home, this is my message from Mother Gaia that we are truly connected and really one. She is cleansing, recharging, and refreshing the crystals that I just spread as well as the land as we are getting aquatinted. I’ve never felt so many spirits and as powerful as I did last night.

               As I’m sitting starting a slight meditation, Gaia is telling me that there are so many spirits here on this beautiful land because it is so peaceful and magical, so they all decide to reside and rest here. Which is a great thing for me and my journey, and I’m thankful I know how to navigate them. There is an actual light and dark force I see going on within the property. This is just the principal and consistency of everything… light and dark, the yin and yang. The good thing about the light is it is much stronger than the dark, and the light will always prevail, if you’re aware and can handle the truth, because nothing else can exist in light. You must find peace within yourself and others around you. You must be the light you want to see.

               The organized religions, and just any form of organization really, that have been forced upon us have been inducing control and fear upon us as a way of control. They have been sending the wrong messages out as a way for a certain secretly ill willed people to maintain power. These ill wills have been passing down this energy from generation to generation which is how we’ve become so lost. From this induced anxiety, it then provokes us to hurt and damage each other with no regards or concern for the other being. Gaia told me this….We’ve been brainwashed into being in survival mode to induce a state of anxiety that then forces us to end up damaging and killing each other, and ultimately ourselves, all on our own by a few corrupt. However, the starseed generation is ending this viscous cycle and the institutions with corrupt spirits embedded in them will not survive because the starseeds are awakening and gaining power in mass quantities as we speak. They are somehow being drawn to one another and reconnecting to help further their powers and the message. We are breaking karmic cycles. We are the light and love forces and come to earth reincarnated to help spread these messages now. December 2020, life will change as we know it. There is going to be a huge earth event that will change the places and way we live on earth. We are being watched more than ever now and we must maintain this level of compassion and message of love and light if we want to be successful at this event.

               I’ve been receiving messages in mass amounts and it’s feels like all of my lives past experiences and energies have brought me this ability to translate these messages into the physical realm, so that people can understand what is really going on and have the chance to see the truth. There are light energies that are getting closer to the Earth, the pressure is getting stronger against the dark forces. We can sustain these high energies as long as we are aware of the energy and what is really going on so that we ultimately do not end up causing that selfish harm that’s induced by anxiety. I’ve realized I’m able to download, process and then communicate this information very quickly. I’m focusing on maintaining my humility and light, so that those dark energies don’t even try to come sinking back in.

               I’ve also realized I have become strong enough to overcome dark matter. All of my life experiences have led me up to the point of this needed strength. I can literally look at dark matter head on and zap it away with my knowledge of light. I’m also being called to know the 72 names of God, I’ve never felt a religious text that resonates with my soul so deeply. After getting two books and reading them within two days, I still had a few questions on how to properly use them. I want to make sure I’m properly using them since they are so powerful. Even though I’ve never set foot inside a Jewish Synagogue, I set out to meet a local rabbi, who was instantly attracted to me out of the group of people at the gathering I attended. We finished the groups ceremony and then the rabbi came over to speak with me privately about this matter. He said he barely knew about them as they are a v esoteric practice, oddly, and was surprised I even knew about them. He asked basically where I came from and I gave him some background about me and how I’ve recently experienced an unwilling kundalini awakening and once I said that, he understood my frequency. He then referred me to a gentleman who is a practicing Buddhist but was also familiar with the 72 names of god who might be able to provide me more information on these since he didn’t know much. Even though the rabbi wasn’t able to give me direct answers, we had a nice conversation and I think I might have even piqued his interest in these. I’m finishing my own studies on these as it seems like this is the only way and will begin to use them in my meditations and look forward to teaching others how to use them. These videos linked here have been incredibly informative on this subject.

       I’m finally understanding all of these universal messages, the energies and really getting the bigger picture. The messages I received when I made the protective circle and my conversation with the rabbi was just confirmation from the universe of this…Love and light xo