Reiki Symbols & Updates

     Hi everyone and I hope whoever this finds is doing well. It’s been a while since we have made a blog post because we have been developing and working on a few other things in line with the brand. Most importantly, I’ve doing been massive amounts of personal healing and increasing my awareness through the inner journey even more so we can better share the experience. I’ll also be starting to run free mass astral projection and meditation meet ups where we will all disconnect and reconnect on the etheric plane 😎 So stay tuned for the dates, I will post them on here. This is something I have been currently experimenting with and having some life changing experiences within our personal spiritual group.

     A little update on us: I’ve been running basically 3 businesses and raising a 3 years old so things got a little busy, especially during the holidays. I’ve made a few post drafts however never got around to finishing and publishing them. However, I’ve also become a certified reiki and crystal energy healer and currently studying past life regression hypnotherapy, so we are going all in here. Also they kicked us out of our Facebook account so definitely be sure to check us out on Instagram linked here or even better subscribe to our new YouTube channel linked here to stay up to date with all of the news and spiritual experiences. We are making weekly videos talking about all things spiritual and how to naturally heal your body to have a better life experience. A lot of these topics are ancient techniques and modalities that are resurfacing lately as we are now starting to realize our fullest potential in this new beautiful golden age of Aquarius. Also with health crisis’s on the rise, we need to learn how to better take care of our mind, body and soul experiences ourselves. So here we are 😊

      I’ve been working on an article on natural ways to heal to overall increase your life experience and it keeps growing as we keep learning so I’ll be sharing this here shortly as we wrap up our new products release. We are really excited to share with the world our newest designs and additions to the Holi.Spirit line and look forward to expanding the brand and everyone’s experience even more this year as we continue to realign ourselves towards our highest self together.

      For right now, I want to make a post here to share some of the reiki symbols we have been studying and learning to use within ourselves through meditation as well as how to insert them into our auric field. These are ancient healing symbols that interact with your body’s energy per your intent and awareness. You can you use your hand or crystals to carve these into your auric field after becoming aware of the centers that are blocked and need some clearing. Once you open up the auric field you can inject these energies into your body through intent and heal yourself. I’ve made a video linked here that shows you how to do this process with a quartz crystal tip and a simple realignment you can do with your crystals if you have some to further and amplify the healing process. I usually do the motions of the signs 3-5 times however you will feel what is needed when you tune into your body and awareness. Here is also a link to a video that I show how you can use these symbols with just your hands during a digital reiki and light code session. We have seemed to have lost our connection to these simple and natural ways to heal and any problem that you have in life be it physical, mental, or personal is just a deeply rooted energetic imbalance and blockage from many lifetimes. It is so beautiful to see people starting to remember these lifetimes and become more open to these natural healing modalities as we are entering into this higher frequency of the new golden age of consciousness.

     There are tons of symbols out there for specific modalities but here are some symbols that we have been using and want to make known. It is also important that you know the sequence of the symbols and use the motions properly.