History Repeating itself and my Call to The 72 Names of God


          I’ve recently been called to study and learn the 72 names of God. I’m not exactly sure why yet but it’s all kind of all starting to make sense. As I’m sitting here googling ways to ward of psychic attacks, I realize I’ve been doing these things subconsciously basically since I moved to NYC. Probably because my soul felt all that energy and somehow just knew what it needed to do to stay cool 😎 You can read more about the ways to ward of a psychic attacked linked here. There is an all out spiritual warfare going on right now, which is why we are feeling these immense, deep and intense emotions right now.

          With this revelation that I’ve been subconsciously warding off psychic attacks­, I start to piece together what I’m being called to and why I’m learning so much in the conscious about Egyptian history and the study and mastery of the 72 Names of God. I’m doing this research in the conscious in hopes to piece all of these experiences together, which has been quite a success.

        After watching a few specific episodes of Ancient Aliens documentaries on the History channel last night and a little more self-reflection this morning, it starts to­ become clearer. It’s actually kind of sad when the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens episodes are your most reliable source of ancient history because these are all the phenomenons and events that they do not want you to know about, and in fact make efforts to erase it from our American history textbooks.

       Anyway, it’s clear that God wants me to know these names as a way to interfere with the Egyptian magic and overcome it with Hebrew “magic” or these “codes” from the 72 names of God. I’m learning so much about ancient “magic” if you will, however what this magic is just simply intentions set in alignment with the earth’s energy. We were never taught about this information in History class, University, or church, because can you imagine the world we could be living in if everyone was walking around performing “miracles” and “magic”? Thank God I’m able to piece together my on spiritual experiences and paint a bigger picture for myself and anyone who might come across this.

       It’s interesting that the 72 names of God have been basically kept secret all these years and they described back in the ancient days you would only know about these if you knew somebody who knew somebody, who you would then meet you secretly in the woods to have a session. This is how esoteric they are, however with the growth of Kabbalism, and for some historical reason they say, the Jewish community is now starting to release this information to anyone who they are called upon. They say the 72 names of god find you, and that they are so powerful and life changing , they have a protective shield around them, so anyone who does not have a pure heart and encompass a certain level of wisdom will reject them.

               As I realize I need to directly intercept any negative energy coming towards me or around me, I go to start to google Egyptian magic but then stop myself and realize that these 72 names of God are in fact the magical interception I need. I never really knew how Moses feuded with the Pharaohs and that Moses’s “magic” was ultimately stronger than the Egyptians to where we wiped them out by parting the Red Sea with these codes, and only chose a small number of them to resurrect. And here we are… all crossbreeds of this great cosmic event.

           I’ve been wondering why in the world I’ve been called so strongly to know and master the 72 names of God, to the point where I attended a Jewish Service and met with a Rabbi. He oddly did not know much about them and told me that they are in fact esoteric in the sense that only really old rabbis could tell me anything about them, which is oddly fascinating. He also gave me a website that has a podcast for spirituality linked here , and referred me to one of the creators names who is a Buddhist but also knows about these codes within the 72 names of God, however there was no information on these on the website. He mentioned I could contact him, and he might reply, however I feel I am ultimately on this journey on my own and will finish my independent studies, order the supplies and jump into the practice as I’m ready to start implementing them into my meditations. It finally makes sense that this is in fact the most powerful magic that only a chosen few are called upon, and I am one of those meant to know it. I feel honored and grateful to have this calling and opportunity and will fulfill it to its fullest potential. Here is a link to the videos I’ve been studying as they provide some of the best information I’ve found on these codes. I will be posting my practices once I dive into it and keep you updated on the progress as always.

With all these realizations, I’m pulled to do an Akashic record reading today, maybe it’s the intense 10/10  energy portals that’s going on, and of course I have questions I’ve gained from the first time I accessed the records, along with additional questions from all of these other things I’m discovering.

           As I start the meditation and enter the garden, I see an actual paradise. There are rainbow clouds and melodic music coming from the iridescent clouds, there are beautiful birds flying above singing with the waterfalls. There are huge trees and bushes with tons of fruit on them and I am just standing there in awe at this beautiful paradise-like landscape. I feel the peace, tranquility, and harmony and while I’m in this space, I’m led to my guide. I instantly recognize this guide is Moses. He stands up and greets me and takes me down this path where I start to unload the few questions I had for my guides. As we are walking down the path, he didn’t directly answer them but we exchanged a few messages, one including that there will be water involved again in the great ascension too. Many believe and receive messages, including me, that the great ascension event will be through a light event, however Moses told me there will be water included in this event as well, coincidence or no? Because one of my questions to him was “what is this great light and ascension event people keep talking about?”. When I received the message that there will be water involved too, we approached this river where I get on his boat and he is taking me down a river, which I instantly recognize it’s the Nile River….and he is paddling me past Egypt and we see it up in flames. We see the people in great despair from tearing each other apart and see their cities up in flames. I am not overwhelmed with this because for some reason I’ve been aware this is happening, so it is not a surprise. The meditation then takes us to a “house” where we go inside and I instantly find my book on the back shelf to the left towards the top… It had a green cover. I pull it down and bring it to Moses, where he then opens the book for me and I jump into the first page in this book and house, and I’m instantly transported into the pyramids. This is of no surprise because my first past life regression experience and kundalini awakening journey started with me transporting to the pyramids and Egypt. So based on previous past regression experiences and my research thus far, this experience seems somewhat familiar.

        As I’m walking inside this palace where I see lions and tigers and beautiful basically naked women frolicking in abundance, Moses is guiding me through this place because I do feel a little out of place in this gold palace. It felt like when you walk into a party but don’t really know anyone but you’re on a mission to see someone there, to put the emotion into words lol. So I’m walking through this beautiful gold encrusted pyramid palace like place on a mission to see someone important because Moses is bringing me to see him, he told me there was a request to see me from the person we are going to go see. There was something wrong with this person and they believed I had the ability to give him his desired outcome in an easy kind of shortcut like way for him.

          So as we make our way to this back room where this massive Black Dog God like character sits on his throne I approach him and ask him what he requests of me. As I'm doing research here, I realize this is 10000% Anubis the Egyptian God of the Dead that I'm meeting, I know kind of scary looking back in a conscious state of mind LOL. He wants me to cure his spirit and soul so that he can get a certain outcome. I tell him the information that I have for him and the message was basically he must change himself from within to obtain what he wants. I was telling him he needs to be a better person, stop being greedy and change himself from within, however he did not like this message. He became so frustrated with me and angry and banished me away by turning me into a ball of light. It was a dramatic scene and Moses takes my new light form away and is furious that this God like Character disregarded me and turned me into a ball of light, so we start rushing out of this pyramid. Moses has me in his hands and as we arrive back at his boat outside of the pyramid palace,  he is in a panic over my transformed state. He cannot believe this person that he brought me to help him, would then turn around and do this to me. I calm him down and say it is ok because in this light form state, I have more of my power. I told him please do not be frustrated because I’m better this way and will be stronger in this state. He listens and we both are at peace knowing that this process of me transforming is what is best for the future. He realizes me being in this state does in fact give me more strength and powers, which he knows he will need for the future. As we get back into the boat and we are floating back down the Nile, away from the burning flames of Egypt, I physically return my soul back to my body and come out of the meditation.

               Coming out the meditation I realize what is going on here. I have been stuck in a soul contract, under the Egyptians spell, which I am breaking free of today with this amazing energy portal. Even though the Egyptian God tried to end me, ultimately he could not abolish my light because I am the light and there has been this angst for peace among my guides, and ultimately now me, to know that this was a necessary spiritual release, and that we are now in fact more powerful because my spirit and soul has been freed and carried out of the golden pyramid in Moses hands. I have just come to the realization that I feel like I have been in a war with this Egyptian Underworld God because of my “magical powers” they wished to gain, however were not worthy and wise enough to gain access to. This theme is prevalent and relatable in so many ways in my current day life. However today, Moses and I freed my soul and spirit from the pyramid and made peace with the fact that these Gods cannot be trusted. We are happy that I am safe, and almost in a preserved like state for only those who are truly worthy to gain access to me.

               These Akashic records reading always leave you with more questions in your journey, however with each experience you become closer to your soul’s true history and gain the wisdom and have the realization  of releasing it from within. The first time I accessed my records, I called upon Sekhmet to be with me and guide me, as I knew she was one of my guides up until now. She showed me a lot and it was an amazing experience, however this time I did not want to call upon any guide, particularly an Egyptian Guide, and just see who came to me. Although I did inscribe my code from the 72 names of God next to me, just as a sign to the universe to activate me, and boy it sure did. The universe showed me this amazing spiritual release and that Moses is one of my guides, something I never would have been aware of before, however of course it all makes sense given what I’ve been recently called upon and learning. I have two main codes from the 72 names of god and the one I used was this

        Which is used and called upon to erase your past and cleanse your soul. This is amazing because as I’m writing this, I realized that this in fact was a meditation that freed my spirit and soul contract with the Egyptians Gods. Powerful and fascinating discoveries these Akashic records readings can bring. Also, I did not even meditate this name of God however it seemed like it brought me many messages and without a doubt activated my DNA. I will now definitely implement it into all my meditations, and now wondering where that river going away from Egypt leads to and will keep you updated on my progress with working with the 72 names of God. Love and light xoxo