Hello again and updates!

It has been a while since we wrote in here but we have been a little busy building things more behind the scenes to better share,i birthing an actual queen and doing our pop ups in NYC at the 14 St Union square green market.

If you have been to NYC then you have probably heard of 14 st Union square and it’s amazing farmers market that happens every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. We have been popping up there for a while now and are there on Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s been a great experience being able to be a part of this market where we get to meet different people from all over the world, and then see them out in the city in our pieces is everything we live for.

We have also been studying reiki and crystal energy healing and became certified and recently came back from Africa where I did some plant medicine and learned from traditional healers there...The experience is still settling In but I look forward to sharing more about the experience after enough time has passed to speak on it. So still always trying to keep up with meditations as well as starting to introduce daily prayer while also managing the growth here has kept us very busy! We also welcomed a little queen into the world born Good Friday , 4/15/22 at 3:33am ... and if you know anything about numerology I’m just going to leave that at that. Giving birth is always a transformative experience in so many ways 🙏🏻

There are tons of updates on the website, specifically in the gold, silver and other jewelry collections.... and they do not disappoint. We have also been playing with TikTok so be sure to check us out and follow us there for new drops, discount code and city inspiration 😍❤️ @Holi.Spirits 🤩


That being said we look forward to more growth this year and expanding the energy services here too. Thank you to all of our beautiful customers and  people that are on this journey with us. Also if you’re in the NYC area on Wednesday or Friday, come check us out at the 14 st union square market... we are usually across the way from staples and Sephora! 🔥✨💕