Crystal Healing : A Personal Spiritual Journey


At 28 years old after living in Manhattan alone with my baby for his first two years of life, I like to consider myself as someone who knows a little about the spiritual world and is aware of the power of energy. After living in the city, I've especially become aware of how important it is to cleanse our bodies energies because in the city there is a lot of it, and not all of it is good. And one of the keys to success in life is you have to radiate and maintain good energy. I've been practicing yoga for some time now, the first photo here is of me during my senior year in college. Clearly I was in top notch physical shape at this time and was blessed to have a great friend who was an incredible yogi. She recommend I try one of her classes at a local yoga studio and it was life changing. I'll never forget the first time I reached a meditative state during Savasana, it felt like I was tripping on acid. It also was during this time I also realized I was in love with a psychopath and was learning how to survive an incredibly toxic relationship, so yoga became one of my getaways. My energy and body was so zenned out after a yoga class that even a toxic ahole could not throw it off. Ever since then I've been a firm believer in the power and importance of it for cleansing our energy. 

          Since experiencing the power of yoga's ability to cleanse the bodies energy, I've become fascinated with other channels on how to further the energy healing and release process, and ultimately find ways to protect our sacred energy. It's noteworthy that almost everyone has an attraction to crystals, so lately it they have become one of my passions. After dealing beautiful large pieces out of our showroom in SoHo, NYC, I've also realized a lot of people are very passionate about them too. There is an indescribable beauty and aura to them which is probably because they do have energy alternating powers to them based on the ways they filter color through their prisms. I've been so inspired that I've had visions for a crystal healing holistic jewelry and ultimately furniture, healing line. I'll be developing this line along the way of my own spiritual journey in hopes of reaching my highest self.

                I started my research into how the crystals change the energy and if in fact it does correspond to our body's energy, what are those changes and what ways do we implement them. I've been discovering all these answers to my questions and have been indulging myself into the subject of crystal healing. Some recon crystal work is simply a placebo affect while some argue there is in fact a scientific reaction with your body's frequencies based on how the crystal filters the light frequencies and their connection to the planetary system. However, after peacefully falling asleep while wearing one of my amethyst necklace pieces on my chest, and reading that amethyst placed near or on the body can enhance sleep, I've already become a firm believer in the power of them being placed on our body. Then, after watching a couple of crystal healing sessions that included reiki techniques, I've decided I need to try this therapy session out myself. I want to see if in fact I do feel energetic releases, similar to the power that yoga has on your mind body and soul. Based on the YouTube videos, it seems as if I will experience an energetic release so I cannot wait to share with you all in the next post how the session goes! Namaste and blessings!!