Small Rainbow Black Tourmaline Galaxy Hoops
Small Rainbow Black Tourmaline Galaxy Hoops
Small Rainbow Black Tourmaline Galaxy Hoops
Small Rainbow Black Tourmaline Galaxy Hoops
Small Rainbow Black Tourmaline Galaxy Hoops

Small Rainbow Black Tourmaline Galaxy Hoops

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Known as an extremely protective stone, Rainbow Tourmaline is formed from multiple varieties of tourmaline. As a rainbow stone, it is excellent for working with all chakras and restoring balance to one’s energies. Using this stone promotes joy and happiness by transmuting negative energies and sending them back into the world as unconditional love. Rainbow Tourmaline comes highly recommended to those seeking emotional support. It will keep you safe from the negative energies that wish to make you feel bad about yourself or your life. This stone will transform them to positive energies that will inspire you and lift your spirits. Tourmaline will promote kindness and tolerance. It will also help you reconcile opposites so that you can achieve balance.

CHAKRA(s): All & Base



PLANET: Saturn & Mercury

ZODIAC: Libra, Virgo, Capricorn & All


  • Grounding
  • Balance
  • Protection
  • Strength
  • Understanding


  • Deflects Radiation
  • Protection From Negative Energies/Entities
  • Shields The Aura From Energy Drains
  • Negative thinking


  • Flexibility 
  • Happiness
  • Objectivity
  • Compassion
  • Transmutation
  • Serenity 
  • Balance
  • Connection to Earth
  • Positive transformation 
  • Healing
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Tolerance


  • Balances right and left hemispheres of the brain
  • Repels and blocks negative energies and physic attacks
  • Excellent for grounding excess energy
  • Grounds, balances and removes energy blockages within the Aura
  • Balances, harmonizes and protects all Chakras
  • Encourages positive attitude
  • Pushes away all negative energy
  • Protects against smog and radiation
  • Place within in a room to disperse tension and stress
  • Promotes clear rational thoughts
  • Very powerful lucky stone
  • Rub Tourmaline to intensify luck with magnetic electricity
  • In Meditation, it helps to release one of negativity and self-doubts
  • Keeping the vibration of this stone within your Aura is highly recommended
  • Sleep with one under your pillow to cleanse the Etheric body


  • Purifies The Auric Field
  • Strengthens The Immune System
  • Assist Pain Relief of Arthritis
  • Realigns The Spinal Column
  • Helps With Allergies
  • Helps to Relieve Stress/Anxiety
  • Helps Relieve Obsession & Paranoia
  • Relieves Feelings of Fear
  • Regenerates Torn Muscles
  • Stimulates Reflex Points
  • Helps Overcome Claustrophobia

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