Reaching Your Full Potential By Staying True and Discovering Yourself in the Present

As I’m diving deeper into the spiritual and holistic realm, I’m learning so much more and legitimately having spiritual awakenings as I’m opening myself up to these downloads, and process all of these universal messages and experiences I’ve been receiving and have had. There’s no going back to life as I once knew it.... But I guess this is what spiritual awakenings are for, to grow and really change you.

There seems to be an underlying, undeniable truth to the metaphysical world that once you start unraveling it, it unravels truths about you. This is part of the reason why I feel a lot of people look down or frown upon metaphysics, because they are afraid to face themselves. However, in facing yourself, you heal and heal others, and ultimately start to evolve and become aware of your true and authentic purpose. And therefore you start to live a truly aligned, happy and rewarding life which we all want right? So here we go….

Authenticity was something I think we all lacked in our lives before this life changing year and may be part of what is causing this mass and collective spiritual awakening in the world right now. As we all have had more time to ourselves, and to think for ourselves, many of us have re- evaluated our lives and have been making changes in an effort for a more peaceful flow of energies in our lives. This process has now helped progress us to a closer version of our authentic selves and ultimately higher purpose. Finding my true purpose and authentic self has been an empowering experience. You may remember me mentioning that it seems as if every moment, every experience I have had in my short amount of physically being in this body, has led me up to here. This might be one of the first steps of healing and getting closer to your higher self...Having gratitude for all others and my life’s journey and process, and I think most importantly forgiving myself has catapulted my spirituality and access to the realm these past few months.

As I am starting to really learn about myself and face myself wholly, which has not always been pretty or easy, I am really starting to also learn how deeply we all are connected. I have always been receptive to energies and it’s a natural reception we all are born with innately, however I think some of us decide to turn it off, especially when it comes time to face ourselves. I’m still decompressing and kind of emerging back into the social world and now that I’ve had some time to myself, I’m really realizing how many lifetimes I’ve actually lived. I am seeing that my story and journey is so incredibly unique and powerful, I need to know where this power has come from. There has been too many coincidences and messages sent to me and I need answers. So, I’m doing what I do best and finding the answers.

After having a few really intense spiritual moments recently, one including a much-needed psychedelic trip in the ocean where I turned into Ramses III and was seeing and reading Egyptian hieroglyphics while in a subconscious state of mind, past life regression has become a huge curiosity of mine. As we are all really trying to make sense of what exactly happens to your soul and memories once the physical body “dies”, there has to be some sort of correlation between past life experiences and memories that exist in a 5D dimension that then communicate through new vessels. I just know what I saw and felt was so real, there must be some truth in this. Some of the best modern-day philosophers and scientists like Deepak Choprah know and believe all things in nature recycle themselves. The process of dying must exist for the process of rebirth to be possible, similar to the yin and yang.

Ever wondered why some people just seem to get life? Like they are just better at handling situations and sometimes almost seem to be psychic 🙋‍♀️ ? I have come to the realization that this is because they have in fact experienced lifetimes before. The soul that exists in your body today is a culmination of all the experiences, memories, and life lessons and karma, of your past life and that we just have to tap into those experiences and emotions in order to further your present soul. Whoaaa... I know it goes deep. 

As I furthered my research and self-quest into my personal past self, and basically with anything in the metaphysical realm, I tend to start my questions with science and lean into scientific data as it is factual and undeniable source. Luckily, my brother is a mad scientist and knows sooo much about the earth and space and how our human bodies work so I can have open conversations with him about my questions. Our grandfather designed and invented the world's first super collider right outside of Dallas, Texas back in the 90's, he was recruited from his Engineering position at Skidmore Owings & Merrill in Chicago by the US government to work on a secret project at the time. They moved him down to Dallas where he began his life's greatest achievement and final calling underground on the world's first ever super collider. If you are not familiar with the super collider, it is a massive physics invention that takes two atoms together, speeds them up, then crashes them together to ultimately make a new atom. One of its main purposes was to find the "god" particle or Higgs Boson particle, which it did. This discovery is so important because it proves that the existence of the Higgs field, an invisible energy field present throughout the universe that imbues other particles with mass. Since its discovery two years ago, the particle has been making waves in the physics community, (live science 2014 linked here).  Unfortunately this discovery happened at Cern in Switzerland, not in Dallas, TX. because the US government tends to always fck shit up sometimes. 

Higgs Boson Particle slice - Looks strikingly similar to our logo which inspired by the sacred sunflower pattern, weird right??

Anyway, it is clear we are just now starting to tap into the surface of this extra-terrestrial part of science and how it relates to our human energetic fields and experiences. Physicists are currently further studying this atom in order to try and understand it's full capabilities, such as being able to physically cut into the time sphere we are currently living in and experiencing, which would then open up access to these other dimensions we sometimes feel, hear and sometime even see and this process may be the key to time travel. I know sounds crazy and borderline dangerous but it is real and happening, and if it provides me answers, I have to be open and willing to accept it. 

So with this discovery and based on some previous scientific knowledge, I realized we really all do have a connection to the earth and frequencies, I wasn’t just imagining shit my whole life. Combined with my personal, some psychedelic experiences, I have realized I'm a starseed, a Sirian B to be exact. It is the only explanation that makes sense of all this and I've had wayyy too many coincidences in my short amount of lifetime to disregard it.

I have always had an affinity for water and use to attract dolphins when I was younger. I became a championship swimmer in my childhood and teenage years and turned into an actual dolphin at times looking back LOL. I was a team captain; I've always been this natural born leader. I vividly remember doing an open water swim and as we were approaching the finish line near the pier, a group of dolphins began talking to us underwater. Also, I've always had an affinity towards technology and progression and have always been determined to get done what I believed in and thought needed to be done. I am a born artist and independent thinker and connected to and subconsciously imitate the Egyptians through imparting great knowledge, healing and technology to the world. I mean just google Sirian starseed and if you know me, you know there are TONS of these coincidences that define me. Once I realized I had these physical and inner spiritual connections all my life, I looked up to the sky and what star do you think I first saw? Whooaaa.... I know... deep breathes. 

Two months later after this realization that I am in fact from the star seed Sirian B, I draw almost all of my inspiration and energy from this star now and I'm so thankful I've become aware of this as I know it is empowering me. Since I’ve opened myself up to this channel, I am receiving so many more messages and energy and abundance in my life it's been humbling. So now where I know where I come from energetically through the universe, my quest was to see how this can relate to my now present physical world... I guess to scientifically connect the dots. After I had the psychedelic experience where I was able to realize that I turned into Rameses III and was seeing and reading Egyptian hieroglyphics while floating in the ocean with an amethyst on my head in a subconscious state, I really started this quest of where do our souls come from? And how do they choose us? Because I feel so deeply connected to Ramses III now and the Triad and Memphis, as my friends turned into them, and after doing some research about his life, I can only be left to the conclusion that I am Ramses III or at least a descendant of his spirit. Sounds crazy, I know, so I had to make sense of this through science of course, so I looked up geographically how I could possibly be related to Ramses III. Well remember my genius physicist grandfather I just spoke about? He is from south Asia that has direct DNA lineage to Egypt.  Also, where do you think Sirian B starseeds come from? Egypt, the Ramses empire specifically. It just all is starting to make sense now. Lastly, I looked for evidence in the physical realm. As I'm writing this, I'm so thankful for this journey as this process truly shows it is from within. Our energies and beauty comes from within which is something I've always been able to recognize, although I have been blinded a couple of times 😝 , however those experiences were necessary to teach me my life lessons, test my past life to make sure we’ve learned our lessons and ultimately bring me my blessings that I have now. 

Prehistoric map showing early Egypt bordering with Southwest Asia

In the physical realm, I received a couple of incredibly convincing facts that I am in fact a star seed, a chosen one of the universes connected to the higher and other realms. I discovered the concept of Indigo children about a year or so ago via VICE and had a strong inclination I was also related to these people so I shared this concept with my mom and I guess we have both been kind of pondering on the topic and idea ever since then as we have reconnected to it through my research. However, I was living an unauthentic life so I would never even be able to tap into these powers or ideas. It was not until I realigned myself that it's all coming back to me and as I do more research on Indigo children I learned they are a subset of starseeds. I realized my mom is actually an indigo, who gave birth to my brother and I who are crystal children starseeds. Now I realize I gave birth to a rainbow starseed. We are all starseeds and I believe it should be something we should all tap into to realize and release our innate powers. For the physical attributes that confirmed I am a starseed, I've always had this kind of prominent but beautiful birthmark on my hip/ butt area. Also in my research I found the starseeds usually have birthmarks and depending on where they are and what they look like depends on the meaning. As I'm scrolling through the list of potential meanings, I see definition of the shapes of animals. So, I look at my birthmark and instantly see a turtle with a load on its back.... I check the list and guess what one of the top animals are? LOL. A turtle with a load on its back means that my soul is steadfast and steady in its travels and is a reminder to keep a steady pace and I will always reach my goals. Also, with it being a light brown color on my hip/butt area, this points to a successful and bountiful lifestyle and love life of my persons. Powerful and cool, right? 

My birthmark

So for my last physical confirmation I asked my mom to send me a picture of her birth mark and where it was because I remember her having a very prominent one too. She also physically confirmed she in fact is a chosen indigo child sent from the angel realms when she sent a light brown roundish one with multiple freckles in it that create the sacred geometric pattern of the Gemini Constellation. When I saw and realized all of this last night, all I can say is wow. Here is a link to the article to help you find your true starseed connections and deeper spiritual meanings through your physical birth marks. Needless to say I think she is a little shook right now too. 

My Mom's birthmark

Gemini Constellation ... side note - she is also a Gemini too, weird right?

With all of these all of these revelations, I'm really curious and looking into exploring past regression therapy and reaching out to metaphysical doctors as I know this is part of my true calling and almost a direct road with clear answers to my authentic and higher power self. As always, will keep you updated on the metaphysical therapy sessions. Love and light xoxo

My beautiful new moon altar