How to Successfully Access Your Akashic Records and Past Lives to Heal Your Current Life

9/11/20 – 11:30PM

My Record Experience Review

              I am floating in my sacred space as I’ve shifted the gears and have centered myself and made myself one with the earth through a Kundalini exercise. I have summoned Sekhmet and feel her in me and while I was writing the Egyptian hieroglyphics for the protection prayer, I knew I had written these symbols before, they were flowing out of me so easily. I start to smell delicious BBQ and food cooking smells and instantly get a message from this that we are all one family. This message was the first message that my spirit guides wanted me to receive. All these communications are happening subconsciously, not actually out verbally. I only say the prayers out loud but all communication with the guides is done subconsciously.

               I am smiling with this revelation and message that we are all one universal family. I then ask to open and for permission to my akashic book and set the meditation to play. Instantly I start to get confirmation of the presence of spiritual guides and luck by visits of 3 toads, hearing groans and I could feel the presence of Sekhmet with me. I felt her all around me, within me, I even saw a black cat watching me and that I was making her so proud.

               As I am getting deeper and following the mediation, we start at the chakra doors as these energy centers are our doors to access these realms. We start by seeing red, at the root and instantly I see a scary, demon-like looking guide, a white character with scary red eyes. After some reflection I realized this is because this is my area of where I hold all my energy and downfalls. I am a Scorpio so the root is our energy center…Coincidentally the start of it all. And apparently, I have some pent up energy and possible demons there lol.

               I hear a moan and see this white demon on red at my root but I do not become scared because  he is almost instantly zapped away by this beautiful and airy like fairy that comes into my sacral, orange and yellow energy fields. From there on out, there were only good spirit guides.

       I enter the room with the library. I see my bookkeeper instantly, not as described as the bookkeeper in the meditation video, but of my own version. He was a little old man with a long nose and chin and glasses and rather frail looking. He had a lantern with a purple flame. I approach him and ask him for permission to my records. He stood up and showed his lantern to a book on the shelf and the beam of light brought it down and flying towards me where it lands right in front of me. And I see Arabic letters…it is a name. I did not know it was my name at the time but had a feeling and just remember the very vivid Arabic characters.


Christina in Arabic

        So I open the book to the first page and it immediately engulfs me into this big bright huge sun that transports me to this desert. I’m in the desert, in this little hut and it’s very hot and the sun is very intense. I’m overwhelmed with this feeling of sadness; I almost start crying in the meditation however I decide to keep it together because I want to continue to receive information. I ask why I am so sad and they tell me my husband has been mistreating me and has left me to feel abandoned. So, I’m overwhelmed with sadness but then they shifted me to an overwhelming feeling of liberation and freedom. My husband had died, and I feel liberated. I ask my guides how he died and they told me the government killed him. So I got all of our monies and was completely free. When I felt this overwhelming sense of liberation, I then had this very vivid memory of me riding a camel. So I’m riding a camel in the desert and then ride the camel into the fkcin sun. Then behind the sun is a massive round glowing sphere of intense light. I come back around behind the light and I begin to protect it from the people starting to come into the vision. They want to touch the light, but I am protecting the light and if they touch the light it will hurt them so I’m also protecting the people from the light. We are all these genderless, colorless, almost black colored figures of energy and my energy was the massive character as I was protecting the light. Here is a graphic design I recreated of the image I saw.

 Entering Sirius - Photoshop 9/12/20

As I am here with these other little people protecting them and the light, I wonder what is the light? And what is behind this light? I ask the guides this and they stopped responding… It was almost like them telling me it is not time to see what it behind the light yet. I started to get frustrated in the mediation because I am stuck there protecting this light and the people, but they will not tell me what the light is. So through the frustration I lost touch and came out the meditation, as this was a lot of information for me download.

               I feel myself losing the vision so I open my eyes, make a mental note of where we left off, and come out of meditation and say the closing prayers and thank the gods for access to my records. And I start looking over my notes that I was joting down in my while my subconscious was receiving these flashes of images. The messages come in super short flashes of information and all these downloads happen amazingly fast. I come inside and first thing I do is google my name in Arabic and of course it was the same exact vivid Arabic characters I saw on the front of my book. This is the thing about the universe, it cannot lie. I was astonished at this revelation and began to really take my time to process all this information I received in a very short amount of time.

               Other than the personal messages and information I received I start to process the messages I was meant to receive to communicate to the greater masses. The first message was very clear in the beginning in that we are all part of one big universal family. The second message was that there is no gender or race in the 5D so we really need to remove ourselves from these titles we maintain in the physical 3D plane, however we are all matter of our energy. And the last message might be by far the most important. This did not come to me right away but after having some conversations with a couple of other spiritual inclined friends about my experience, and this message came to me in my sleep the next morning. When we leave our 3D earth, or “die” as some see it, it is because our work is done here in the 3D, and we are being called to our higher mission in the universe and 5D. The 3D world no longer serves us and we have done our work serving it, and now the higher orders need our hands and help. The 5D is basically a heaven, there is no pain or suffering or monetary confinements. You can’t eat animals because of this and you can’t hide your evil, everyone will be able to see if you do have evil thoughts. When someone “dies” in the 3D, they actually become more powerful and their fully evolved version of themselves, however this ascension process into 5D only happens when you die of natural causes or for some reason completely out of your control. For example, people who die by the death penalty or suicide do not enter the 5D, their actions have led them to choose to end their journey, which is a decision of ignorance. When someone chooses to die in a state of ignorance, they come back in the animal kingdom, this is one of the laws of the cycle of karma.

               Which leads me into the purpose and the reason why it is important to find out who your past lives were because the universe is just one big karmic cycle. Our natural innate energies and subconscious within us control and affect all our of waking decisions and relationships. If we find out who and what our past lives and energies were, we can then really spiritually heal ourselves and then ultimately break these karmic cycles, which is what we should all be doing right now. There is an undeniable energetic upgrade happening on Earth right now and it’s removing us from the 3D, evil and unveiling all truths…You can not hide anything in the 5D. So looking back at this experience of me being an abused, suppressed, depressed Arabic woman totally resonated with the downfalls of my current intimate relationships. Now that I’m fully aware of this, I’ve felt this intense spiritual healing and upgrade that I wish upon all, and it will continue to provide me the strength to keep deciding to break karmic cycles. Once you become aware of these past lives and cycles, you can then change the ending of your current book with this knowledge. It is a magnificent discovery.

               After this experience, I’ve been speaking to friends and family about it and most it actually really resonates with them because this is where I’m at in my life. Evil and people who choose to remain in a state of ignorance have naturally weeded themselves out of my life. This is happening worldwide and globally, it’s an undeniable cosmic and universal law. Some even speak of a great light event happening at the end of 2020 that will completely change how we live on Earth as we know it, and honestly I can feel it happening too. I’ve become incredibly aware of all these forces all of a sudden and it’s just been pulling me stronger as I’ve discovered my starseed origins, see linked video if you really want to know what’s going on, don’t mind the weird narration voice lol. There are tons of other videos that also describe this light event and great ascension happening in 2020.

               So as I’m discussing with certain friends I was pulled to about my visions, they confirmed my messages and even was like wow how did you know that? And first thing that comes to my mind is the crystals. The amethyst on my third on in the ocean is the first time I had a deep past life vision and really started me on this deeper spiritual journey. There is definitely some power in the crystals being directly placed onto your third eye during a meditation or just in general that open your third eye. I now know that the crystals on our head is a direct key to access our past lives and records. Their frequencies interact with our thalamus, which if there is any place in our brain where memories are stored this would be it, that then unloads this information into our current psyche. I wonder if any current psychologists or hypnotherapists know this…

               I’m releasing this knowledge in hopes of helping others unravel and discover their true selves and find deeper meaning in their lives and universal mission. I look forward to continuing my studies and helping family and friends access their records. I will be performing a guided akashic ceremony for my mother because I really want to know who she truly is as no one seems to really know, including her. We are all uncovering the truths, even the ones deep within ourselves, and it is the awakening we all needed and have been waiting for. Love and light xoxo.

     How I Gained Access to my Akashic Records

  • I start with research on the topic and learning to ask the right questions and say the right prayers, and summon my own spiritual guide that I know I have, Sekhmet. I say a reversal evil eye prayer of protection with Sekhmet. You'll have more success if you know who your guide is and ask them to be with you, even within you, and guide you.
  • Grab a pen and paper and write down your questions you want to ask your spiritual guides.
    • It can be simple questions like am I on the right path?
    • What is my role in the world?
    • Show me a past life that teaches me about my karmic lessons and boundaries.
    • Show me my energetic field…what color is it? What shape is it? Is it spinning?
    • Will I get married and have children?

-It’s good to have these questions written down because your spirit guides can see them, even if you never get to ask them, they somehow will show you answers to some of them.

               -It’s also good to have a pen and paper in front of you during the practice so you can jot down the flashes of information that are sent to you. Most of these messages come in flash like images so it’s a good practice to try and write the ideas down if you can while meditating. These messages and memories can be easily forgotten if not written down right away or right after.

  • Create a crystal grid and honor the coordinate points of N,S,E,W by giving offerings of N = earth, so offer soil, or salt. S = Flame so offer candle, E = Smoke so offer burning sage or incense and W = water, so a vessel or cauldron. And Aether = center, so a white light, I used an LED amethyst light string. I then used black tourmaline, a selenite stick and amethyst for the grid. I also have an amethyst headpiece from my collection linked here. These crystals on your third eye is our key and grants us further access to these realms by interacting with our thalamus. I had my first past life regression experience unwillingly with this piece on while floating in the ocean.
  • Create offerings for spiritual guide. I offered Sekhmet red wine, cheese, strawberries and mashed potatoes.. haha – I think she really like that tho.
  • Once you have your sacred space set, set yourself. Set your bodies energies into alignment and send it into a complete state of relaxation. A few kundalini exercises will elevate this experience. I can visually see my gears, or chakras shifting during these exercises. This is a great introductory video to the practice.
  • Once you’re starting to feel relaxed and attuned, and have that beautiful gentle smile on your face, start to feel the presence of your spiritual guides.
  • Ask for access to your book by saying this prayer linked here.

-get extra comfy and then follow this meditation linked here.

-Stay here for a while…it’s going to be a ride.

-Once you receive a few messages, you might start to feel like you’re stuck. That’s fine… make a note where you left off and you can pick back up here next time. Say the closing prayer linked here and thank the gods for access to your records.