“Heart Coherence Guided Meditation” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

       I’m becoming aware of my body in space as the meditation is saying and I see my energy attached to some hieroglyphic symbols. I then feel a shooting pulse of energy to my heart that then goes down through my spine and shakes my body, coincidentally this video is called “Heart Coherence Guided Meditation” linked here. I feel my body's energies literally opening and interacting with one another on a subconscious level. My baby crawls up on me and I can see him very clearly with my third eye and we are communicating this way. He is kissing on me and watching my energies interacting outside of my body, in amazement. He jumps on top of me and we take off. It all makes sense to me now... he is my leader through my soul evolution. He is our leader.... this is why my energy has had no choice but to elevate to match his so we can be together for infinity ❤️  He is a born leader and knows exactly what to do somehow. He’s jumps off of me to go to his own thing and then I’m staring dead on at a snake... he coils up through my body where I then turn into a rising of the Phoenix spirit bird.

        This is astonishing because I just realized my souls final evolution is the  Phoenix, and the mediation was saying that this has final stage of manifestation has already happened and to be grateful for this manifestation, and to be able to experience the soul evolution. That’s coincidental because I thought I was only at the eagle stage and I’m trying to get to the Phoenix stage but through this meditation, my bodies higher frequency energies showed me as a Phoenix, and told me that I’m already there. It was a marvelous revelation as I saw the bright white light up inside at the top of my brain and my wings are raging with fire from this white light point . My body is twitching and shakes a couple of times throughout this meditation as my energies are releasing and communicating, and my subconscious is opening up as a rising of the Phoenix. We stay here for a minute and then we end the meditation. These videos open your subconscious and then leave you with your energies and revelations, it’s something like magic.