"Heal your Body" - A 40 Day meditation challenge with Dr. Joe Dispenza


             I was able to successfully complete my first Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation after a few first failed attempts. My previous attempts I have fallen asleep or got distracted by my two-year-old. However, with him being gone at his grandparents, I was able to completely tune out and into myself and boy it was a ride.

               After reading about and seeing videos on how his meditations have changed people’s lives, I had to try it out for myself. I’ve recently been on a heavy spiritual journey and have tapped into my akashic records so I’m a little familiar with accessing the subconscious, without any drugs. After I was able to access my records deeply on the first attempt, I knew I was spiritually inclined, which is something I’ve kind of always known but just have never tapped into it. So, I knew these meditations would have a heavy affect on me.

               I’ve been overall really satisfied with my life thus far however there are a couple of aspects that I feel I haven’t quite conquered yet so I’m using these meditations to hopefully have a positive impact on these aspects which are 1. Stop blurring out my feelings and clouding my vision with borderline substance abuse and face my life head on, and 2. Completely heal my hurt and guarded heart from my abusive relationship with my child’s father. I also just generally want to attract abundance and happiness like everyone however these are my deeper and personal issues I’ll be gearing the meditations towards.

               I noticed people in his videos of the meditations were blindfolded so I decided to try that this time too, which I think also helped with the success of the meditation finally so I definitely recommend that as well. I tie up my blindfold and set the meditation of “Heal your body” linked here. There is something about the words and tones that just instantly start to open up your subconscious…I start to feel my brain almost getting tickled. I start to feel pure bliss and peace, almost as if I’m having a kundalini experience. As I’m following the meditation deeper, I start to really go on an almost DMT like trip. It’s interesting because as I was flowing through the meditation, I was also getting my own interpretations, messages and images which were then predicting the future words used in the meditation. This just confirms these are real messages from the universe.

               So the first guide I meet is an alien looking like figure…. Much bigger than me. He takes me into the abyss where I’m looking down at the world. As I’m looking down at the world, I just start crying, physically crying in the meditation over the sadness that has come over the world. I was so sad that people choose suffering over happiness and darkness over light, and I just couldn’t understand why. He told me it’s not my job or burden to carry this sadness and the only thing I could do was breath my love and light onto it, which I was doing. As I’m physically breathing love and light over the suffering world, I’m zapped into a particle and gain mass as I travel deeper into the abyss. My alien guide is no longer with me as I’m no longer sad or scared and I’m flying almost like a fairy in the abyss, gaining energy as I start pulling other particles along with me. I’m not really sure where we are going but I’m then met by my sweet Sekhmet. If you have been following my journey, you’ll know who she is and that she is one of my strongest guides. As I was seeing and approaching her, I asked her “what do you want to tell me” which she then proceeded to tell me “to heal you”.

               It was at this point I felt this higher power come and touch me and heal my heart. It was truly a lifechanging and transcendental healing experience that I felt all over my body. I had my hands open and it was almost as if I felt this weight like someone touching my hands and a huge relief just came over me. I also was no longer carrying the other particles. As I felt Sekhmet’s healing touch, I start flying even deeper into the abyss as an even bigger fairy when all of a sudden have this huge bright white light go off at the very top of my head. Then I realize that this is God. God lives within the top region of our brain; this is the highest realm of consciousness. God lives within us and that was the ultimate message.

               So as I’m experiencing this bright light of consciousness, which the meditation has lead me up to this point, we are asked to open our eyes back up and slowly come out of the meditation which I then instantly zap through a pyramid as a ball of light, back into the physical realm and take my blind fold off. I feel like I just woke up from a deep sleep or even like how you feel after you sit up from a good massage, so it takes me a minute to come back to, and I then grab my laptop to document this because you can easily lose these subconscious messages if not documented shortly after accessing them .

               I am feeling much happier and in a better state of mind then when I started the meditation. I’m also feeling like parts of my brain were just exercised that never get used as well as less anxious. I also find the title of the video “Heal your body” incredibly appropriate for this experience. I would already recommend these videos after only one session. Even if you don’t have crazy visuals like I experience, I’m sure you all at least feel your brain get tickled 😊

               I look forward to continuing to document these meditations and as always share my journey and experiences along the way. Love and light xo