Finding Your Purpose in Life

We usually are all lucky enough to have one or two spiritual friends who help bring us aware of earth's magic and bring us to where we are in life. I'm lucky enough where all of my friends have mystical spirits and this is part of the reason why I'm here in my journey. They all in their each way have played a vital role in this story and added their own inspiration.

When I first got to NYC this was also part of the reason why I found success there, I made magical and spiritually empowered friends. One friend was a super goddess and she really taught me a lot about energy and the world, and the power we all have within us. She's been a huge inspiration in my spiritual and life's journey, I'll never forget the first time I saw her. She did not see me but when I went for an interview at the showroom, I saw her walking but it was almost as if she was floating. She is one of those people that glows and is this graceful little floating angel when she moves so I will never forget the first time I saw her as I was in complete awe. I wanted to be her friend but was intimidated but somehow knew one day we would eventually be good friends. Fast forward to a year later and her sister and niece are watching my son every weekend so I could work some more while my ex was being a DBag. 

After I started working at the showroom I mostly stayed to myself and was focused on learning as much as I could so I could ensure success even though I was pregnant. Slowly I started to warm up to people, or should I say people started to warm up to me as it is New York City, and I started to become friends with some people. I became particularly close to one guy who is an incredibly talented and fabulous Mexican interior designer, who really took me under his wing and trained me, and then this spiritual goddess. They were already close friends so I was very lucky they accepted me. These two taught me, in very different ways, everything I needed to know to be successful in NYC. Looking back they had to have been god-sent and real life angels because I would have gotten so lost and defeated without them. It's kind of funny that we all are no longer with the company that we all met working at, but we are all still friends, and this is something special. I mean just look at how beautiful they are ❤️

I'm so lucky because this goddess always reminds me she is there for me and I know that if anything was to ever happen, she would be there. Sometimes I wonder what did to deserve such an amazing and powerful friend. Not everyone allows people access to them like that, especially spiritually empowered people. She has not visually been a part of Holi.Spirits however she is a backbone of it. All the power behind creative brands, forces and products is usually never even seen. She's been helping me conceptualize this brand for years now and has taught me so much about crystals and the holistic world. She's taught me about energy and how to use it, and how to get exactly what we want out of this physical lifetime with this power. 

Which brings me here today to answer a question she provided to me which she then also followed up with an explanation I would not have even known about. This is true friendship when they bring you spiritual awareness. The question was, "Why all of this? Why do you have this huge attraction, connection and fascination with crystals?", which of course I asked myself this few times when we were deep into the development process and about to launch. And I think we are all at a point in our life, no matter who we are, where we are all questioning our lives and why we've been doing what have and are doing. 

What she proceeded to tell me described and made sense to the lifelong connections I've felt with crystals and anything earthly. She has read my signs in depth and has spent countless hours studying the subject, so she can really go in on you with this stuff. She explained based on my sign, exact date and time, I have this unprecedented and the most deep and powerful connection to the earth. As a Scorpio, our souls are deep and used as a point of reference in time throughout history. So that is why I have this intense connection to crystals, because they come from deep within the earth. Anything that comes from the earth we are strongly connected to and this made me feel so empowered because I feel so aligned. It was just reinforcement that I am energetically aware and keeping friends that resonate with your soul I think is a key in life to only enhance your awareness. So keep those close to you that teach you about yourself, earth’s energies and all it’s beautiful mysticism. 

As an artist we get these visions and ideas we must execute and get out of our heads. I guess this is where the form of artistic expression comes from and this is how we as creators stay sane, by creating our own reality through these visions. Even with all my words, writing and ideas, I have been pushing myself to get them out. The minute the thought comes to my head I jot it down because there is so much power in this. We have so many thoughts that just go dead and never come to life. Even if we write our ideas down and they never come to life, it is an empowering process that when you allow yourself the chance to reflect on them positively one day, it grows you. And sometimes you'll surprise yourself and they just might be coming to life as you reread them. 🔮🔥😍💕🧚🏻‍♂️🚀🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿