Becoming Supernatural - Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation

As I start the meditation I’m sucked into this spiral where I then see my energy is a ball of light trailing into the darkness. We are asked to open our hearts and let the universes energy in and I instantly feel these balls of light coming into my heart and body and repairing it. I’m gaining strength from this and then I feel a fire ant bite me. So I take off my blind fold and make sure I’m not sitting in a pile of ants but coincidentally it was just one. This was a reminder to me from the universe that there will always be those ones trying to distract you and will hinder your strength and powers, and to not let them because it’s only one.

So I come back into meditation and after this little message and experience with the universe itself, a dragon is awoken inside of me. I see a dragon emerge from the center of my core up through my body and the dragon takes me to a place in the mountains in Asia... where I see myself as a female warrior samurai. I’m tying my thick black hair up and I feel like a warrior but I’m scared deep down. I’m fighting in a war and I gasp for air and almost start crying in the meditation with this realization but I feel more worrisome than sad so I just take a second to decompress this realization of just how powerful I once was, and still am. I’m in the mountains of Asia , fearless as a woman in the war I’m fighting. What a powerful

When I come back into the meditation we are asked to become aware of our energy again and feel and match it’s frequencies. All I was seeing was flames so I’m matching this highest level of frequency and I feel this frequency run through my body with a shake and I feel limitless. I feel so powerful and this high frequency energy is enlightening my body all over, I feel like I’m floating. This might be very well possibly what 12D feels like inside the sun. The wind comes with a strong breeze and I feel it take everything that I want in life off my body and take these thoughts and energies into the universe to relay my messages and enforce manifestation. We are asked to maintain this energy and the meditation just stops and leaves us here. I do, in fact, feel super natural.